What is our goal?

Our objective is to promote the setting up of such a rating and classification system in the non-profit and social sector that has already been present in the for-profit sector, a system that transforms social responsibility and voluntary work a real, measurable and exact value.

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Who are we?

The Glocovo help to make value and prestige from the community service and volunteering processes.

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We're counting on you

Support our mission!

The Glocovo proves that professionalism is not the privilege of the for-profit sector. Receiving Volunteers and volunteering activities is a must to do it professionally and that is the oly way which is worthwhile. To do so, it provides a framework so that the real measurement results provide motivation and guidance for the further work.



Hundreds of volunteers help crews tackling Turkey wildfires

Actor Tevfik Erman Kutlu was on a break from filming in Istanbul when wildfires that devastated swaths of southern Turkey first erupted.


Több mint 6 tonna hulladéktól szabadították meg önkéntesek a Tisza árterét

Újabb 6 tonna hulladéktól mentesítették a IX. Felső-Tiszai PET Kupa résztvevői a folyó Tiszabecs és Vásárosnamény-Gergelyiugornya közötti 60 folyamkilométeres szakaszát - tudatta a szervező Termé Egyesület hétfőn.


Reasons You Should Start Volunteering In California

Volunteering is one of the great human’s activities that you could do to help others around you. By becoming a volunteer in California, you are participating in something that you actually do not have to do. Volunteering makes you connect as a human and also help others that are less fortunate than you.


Hogy áll az önkéntesség 2021-ben?

A COVID önkéntességre gyakorolt hatásaival, valamint az önkéntesség jövőjével foglalkozunk.